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Low Carbon, High Impact: Driving the Energy Transition And Managing Complexity in Sustainable Infrastructure

Session 09
Day 3

About the Session

The transition to a low-carbon future necessitates rapid investment in sustainable infrastructure at a global scale. This shift brings with it new investment opportunities in income-generating real assets for asset owners, large and small. Greenbacker Capital, now celebrating 10 years in sustainable infrastructure, has brought more than two gigawatts of power to market, in 34 states, since 2011. Across its various strategies it buys and funds construction and operation of renewable energy and sustainable development projects, as well as providing creative financing to novel environmental technology. To further its impact, Greenbacker is also heavily focused on averting potential negative externalities and creating ancillary positive externalities in the low-carbon transition. For example, the company recently undertook an initiative to review its supply chain for any human rights abuses and has launched projects to improve biodiversity in and around its solar sites. In this fireside chat, Jeff Gitterman will speak with co-CEO of Greenbacker, David Sher, to reflect on the last decade and discuss Greenbacker's future plans operating at the confluence of multiple megatrends.

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