Philanthropy & Development Finance

The Power of Philanthropy: A Critical Catalyst for Climate Action

Session 11
Day 4

About the Session

The world needs to spend ~$1.5 trillion per year to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. However, actual financial flows are just one-third of this. Given the enormous gap, engaging all capital sources is imperative to fund the research and solutions required to get on track to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Philanthropy, which is sometimes overlooked or underestimated, has a key role to play in galvanizing science and technology initiatives that can lead to game-changing outcomes. In this session, we hear from Karl Burkart, Deputy Director of One Earth; Rachel Kropa, Managing Director of Nonprofit + Science at Robert Downey Jr's environmental organization FootPrint Coalition; and Jonathan Schulhof, Managing Partner of Footprint Coalition Ventures, an aligned media, and investment company focused on sustainable technology. One Earth will share how the organization collaborates with HNW individuals and a network of scientists to create strategic grantmaking portfolios, and FootPrint Coalition will discuss its role in funding innovative climate solutions using a unique model that combines venture capital, science, and storytelling to mobilize individual participation.

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