Integrating Climate Risk into Investment Decisions

Translating Climate Change into Climate Action

Session 07
Day 3

About the Session

Extreme climate events are being experienced more frequently and with greater severity. As a result, sudden supply and demand issues for critical commodities and negative corporate cash flow impacts are also becoming more prevalent. Leaning solely on historical trends is inadequate for managing these risks, as is looking only at first-order effects. Using examples of how climate change and geopolitical events have combined to impact key markets, Michelle Dunstan, Chief Responsibility Officer; Portfolio Manager - Global ESG Improvers Strategy at AllianceBernstein, shares how we need to update our thinking to translate complex climate concepts into investment decisions. Jeff Gitterman joins the conversation to dive deeper into these topics and learn about AllianceBernstein's partnership with Columbia University's Earth Institute to launch a Climate School to educate the investment industry.

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