Caroline Abramo

Founder & CEO, Pana LCE (Low Carbon Economy)

Caroline Abramo is Pana’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.  Ms. Abramo has been pioneering ESG metrics in the carbon transition for over 30 years.  Her previous experience includes commodities and infrastructure investing, including private equity experience through arranging financing for the earliest “green companies”.  Ms. Abramo has advised on and taken ownership stakes in several green companies and platforms through Pana Advisory which she launched in 2011.   Her knowledge and understanding of energy, power and commodities markets was developed through extensive work with commercialization of cutting-edge commodity technologies and execution of large-scale projects with companies such as Dynegy, Calpine, Cheniere, and Chesapeake while at Credit Suisse and BNP Paribas.  Ms. Abramo further developed her investing skills by arranging financing for Freepoint Commodities and Metallica Commodities at Pana Advisory through an exclusive engagement with Carlyle.  Through Pana, Ms. Abramo is an equity owner in Kimura Capital, a private ESG trade finance platform since 2016 (on-going).  Ms. Abramo was most recently a portfolio manager for Lazard Asset Management’s Real Asset fund (BBG ticker RALIX) which included 300+ public companies across the real estate, infrastructure, and commodities space.  Through years of meetings with senior management teams, Ms. Abramo has cultivated unparalleled relationships with the leading companies in this space.

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