Chris Hartshorn

Chief Commercial Officer, risQ, Inc.

Chris was an early advisor and now Chief Commercial Officer at risQ, directing and driving the company’s entrance and focus on fixed income analytics, across municipal bonds and mortgage-backed securities. He is also Founder and Partner at Level 11 Analytics, a real estate investment analytics provider where he focuses on business development and product strategy for the financial services sector. These activities include working with the cohorts of buy-side, sell-side, insurers, banks, ratings agencies, and issuer advisory firms. risQ and Level 11 deliver a full suite of climate risk, carbon transition risk, social impact data and financial implications across 

In addition, he previously directed strategy, product development and delivery as Chief Research Officer of Lux Research, an emerging technology subscription intelligence service to hundreds of the world’s most innovative companies and agencies; and as Chief Technology Officer at Callaghan Innovation, the New Zealand Government’s innovation agency, which included support of the country’s vibrant FinTech and GovTech start-up communities.

He brings first-hand experience in developing and growing information services businesses and commercializing multidisciplinary solutions drawing from physical, life and data sciences.

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