Geoff Trotter

Co-Founder, Regennabis and Portfolio Manager, Regennabis Ventures

Regennabis is a Professional Services Company centered in the Cannabis Industry and fully aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]. The three integrated “pillars of service” – Advisory, Convening & Investment – are designed to help companies deliver to their Strategic, Finance and Operational goals through the successful build-out and implementation of an Environmental, Social & Governance [ESG] framework. From this base, Regennabis helps clients build-out a suite of Sustainability, Communications & Branding objectives putting them on a clear path to deliver greater business and brand value for ALL stakeholders.

Regennabis Ventures is the Investment arm of Regennabis and is building a series of Private Equity Impact Investment Funds with a focus on ESG as both an Investment lens and as a Corporate competitive advantage.

Prior to co-founding Regennabis, Geoff had lived/worked in Asia, Europe and the Americas with numerous CxO roles including Chief Development Officer, Chief Knowledge Officer, Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Operations Officer as well as serving as a Big4 Partner-level Management Consultant.

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