Matthew J. Diserio

Co-Founder and President, Water Asset Management, LLC

Water Asset Management, LLC (WAM) is a leading water industry focused fund manager. Since 2005, WAM has invested exclusively in global listed equities, companies and real assets that ensure water quality and water supply. WAM’s core belief is that scarce, clean water is the resource defining the 21st century just as plentiful oil defined the 20th century. WAM’s investment opportunity set includes public and private equity investments in water utilities, water treatment and infrastructure companies, water technologies, water resource assets such as water rights and aquifer storage, and water resource rich farmland in the arid Southwest U.S. WAM implements an active management approach to its investment strategy including the privatization of a U.S. Water Utility, successful proxy initiatives, and regular engagement with company boards and senior management on capital allocation and ESG issues. WAM’s investment team has high level experience in water utility operation and regulation, water rights law, water resource development, water treatment technologies, regenerative agriculture operations, and water policy. WAM innovative partnership Water Aid led to Global Water Impact Strategy for retail investors. Water Aid, one of the world’s largest, best known water charities, has provided water and sanitation to ~30 million people in the developing world since 1981. Water Aid receives a portion of management fees while WAM systematically works with Water Impact’s portfolio of the world’s best water companies to donate their water products and services, technical expertise, and other resources to enhance Water Aid’s best in breed, last mile water and sanitation programs. Mr. Diserio has been a guest lecturer on the water industry and water policy at Babson College, the Brookings Institute, Harvard’s Kennedy School, Kellogg School of Management, Wharton Business School, and the World Bank. Prior to co-founding Water Asset Management, LLC , Mr. Diserio spent 25 years in fund management and securities analysis at Diserio Partners LP, Schafer Cullen, Water Street Capital, PaineWebber and Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette.  Mr. Diserio graduated from Bowdoin College in 1981 with a BA in Government and History.

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