Nicholas Canosa

President, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder Braven Environmental

NicholasCanosa (who also goes by “Nicky” Canosa), is the President, Chief ExecutiveOfficer, and Co-Founder of Braven Environmental. Mr. Canosa identified a clear,massive gap that has yet to be solved for, though many companies have tried:successfully reducing waste plastics at mass scale with minimal negativeimplications. After 10 years of development, Mr. Canosa has sought to bringBraven’s technology to life, ready to be used by companies looking to make animpact and support a more sustainable environment.

Prior to founding Braven, Mr. Canosa founded Lion Fuels International, LLC(“LFI”). LFI manages a 2,500 acre jatropha farm in Honduras, Central America.Prior to forming LFI, Mr. Canosa founded and was Chief Executive Officer ofGlobal Financial Credit, LLC (“Global”). Started in 2003, Global was one of thefirst companies to advance funds to people/plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit awaitingsettlement. In late 2007, Mr. Canosa led the sale of the company to a familyoffice. In 1999, before forming Global, Mr. Canosa acquired and ran USAG, Inc.,an existing chain of daycare centers. In 1995 prior to USAG, Inc., Mr. Canosafounded and was Chief Executive Officer of Affordable Diagnostics, Inc. anoperator of freestanding independent multi-diagnostic centers that include MRI,CT-Scan, and X-Ray equipment. In 1998, Mr. Canosa sold this company to FonarCorporation, a manufacturer of MRI machines. In 1991, prior to AffordableDiagnostic, Inc., Mr. Canosa founded and was Chief Executive Officer ofNortheast Physical Therapy Centers (“Northeast”). In 1994, Mr. Canosa mergedNortheast with ProSports Care, Inc., which he took public in 1994 (NASDAQ:PSCM) and in 1996, Mr. Canosa sold ProSports Care to Healthsouth Corporation(NYSE: HRC).

Mr. Canosa received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and BusinessAdministration from New York University in 1984. Mr. Canosa also received ajuris doctor degree from Yeshiva University Benjamin Cardozo School of Law inNew York City in 1987. Mr. Canosa has been a member of the Westchester Countyand New York State Bar Association; however, he is not currently engaged in thepractice of law.

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