Pooja Khosla, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President Client & Product Development, Entelligent

Pooja Khosla Ph.D., Vice President Client Development at Entelligent. Dr. Khosla is an economist, econometrician, mathematician and a thought leader in the sustainability and climate finance space. Khosla has deep knowledge to build sustainble investing solutions. She has extensive experience in predictive modeling, microfinance and designing impact investment tools. Khosla has been working on impact solutions since 2003 both nationally and internationally. Khosla has been working with Entelligent since 2016 developing Entelligent’s Smart Climate technology and business, Smart Climate Indices as well as additional climate risk related products with partners such as Societe Generale and UBS. She is one of the inventors of patented Smart Climate technology. Khosla has several publications in economics, impact investing and microfinance. Her publications footprint include lead journals such as FT and P&I.

Besides designing sustainability products Khosla has a teaching career training student in economic applications and data science. Khosla holds a Ph.D in economics, and master degrees/diploma in four disciplines including economics, statistics, climate finance and public relations.

Entelligent is a global data analytics provider helping investment professionals to “do well” in the market while “doing good” in the world. The Company has developed a world-class, proprietary methodology for investment professionals who are seeking ways to make an impact on climate change using the power of the capital markets. Over the past three years, the Company has developed its data analytics platform, proven its methodology, secured its intellectual property and developed commercial partnerships for long-term revenue growth.

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