Tyler Wood

Director of ESG & Sustainability, Gravitas Carbotura

Tyler Wood has served in various leadership roles within the hedge fund industry for 20 years. He believes that the transition towards decarbonization and electrification are the largest trends and biggest opportunity in modern human history that will transition the world economy from linear and extractive to circular and regenerative. 

Gravitas Infinitum is a holding company, based in Naples, Florida, focused on solving some of Planet Earth's most challenging problems such as waste plastic, CO2 emissions, and bad water. Gravitas is utilizing their vast operational business experience to integrate existing technological innovation to create and acquire projects and companies. The Gravitas Carbotura (Carbon Capture in Latin) project is a large-industrial-scale roll-out of modular facilities with maximized environmental impact. This Negative Emissions Technology has several evolutions developed that eliminate waste plastics, create advanced biomaterials, and accomplish large scale carbon sequestration and utilization more efficiently than any solution on the plane.

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